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Danielle Lawrie's Jersey Retirement Weekend

What an amazing weekend.

Words cannot even describe how cool this weekend all was. So many family and friends came out. We had about 50-60 people come from across the border to hang out and be a part of it all! We got down there on Thursday and got to be on the New Day tv show! My mini guest on the show was Miss Madison. She did so wonderful! She just sat on my lap like a champ ( I think its cause she liked the attention). I was also surprised by a couple guests on the show Coach Tarr, Coach Glasoe, Bailey, Shawna and Hooch! It was the perfect welcoming in of the weekend!  

I felt like the weekend went by so quickly! Thursday and Friday were spent hanging with family and friends and making sure I made my rounds to try and see everyone. 

Once Saturday came, it was mayhem. Trying to get Madison all set and ready to go, and then myself on top of it took a lot of time! We had to be at the softball stadium around 2:45, so we left at 2 because Montlake was shut down. Once we got there everyone just kind of hung out, mingled, and before you know it, it was time for speeches. Coach Tarr, got up there and gave a really heartwarming speech. She cares so much about everyone that comes into our program. She is someone who will always be close to my heart, and I cannot wait to get back closer to UW so I can help out that softball program any way I can. I was next up for speeches, and was up there for about 15 minutes or so. It was nice to get all of my thank you's out to people who were all there. My life has been on the go so much, I never get a chance to be in one spot with everyone, and let them all know how much I appreciate that. I talked about my previous coaches, friends, family, and most importantly, my teammates throughout this whole journey.

Every single award and accolade is awesome, and I will have the trophy's for my children to see one day, but without my teammates, none of those awards are possible. The things we accomplished as a group, and as friends/family are far greater then any individual award. I tried to make that VERY clear! They were my rock throughout it all, the 6 AM weights, the conditioning we dreaded all week, the homework, the study hall, we went through it all, and that's what makes it all so worth it! 

After speeches, we hung out for a bit longer, and then it was time to head out on the field on that rainy saturday night. They game was actually cancelled ( because of rain) but the fans waited around, to see the unveiling of my jersey up on the wall. It was an emotional time sitting out there in the pouring rain, knowing all of these fans waited around to see this special thing happen! I was so humbled standing out there in the middle of the field that day. I then waited around for about and hour and a half to sign things and meet everyone that stuck around.  

It was a great great night, and I really want thank the Big W club for the amazing job they did putting this all together. I also want to thank my mom for sending invites out to family, and most importantly Coach Tarr for everything she did to make this weekend happen. It truly was something special, and will never forget how special Seattle has made me feel! I cannot wait to move back there in the future and be apart of that city forever, kids and all! 

Thank you all again for taking the time to read this! I appreciate your following! 



Written by Kirsten Shreve — May 16, 2014

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