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Danielle Lawrie on Being Back Between the Lines

I thought it only made sense to write a blog about me being back in between the lines! Man oh man does it sure feel good!! It was a whirlwind to get here and try and pack for Madison, as well as myself! There were 3 giant bags, a diaper bag, a purse, and one more bag, including her stroller, car seat, car seat adapter! I never realized how organized you need to be until I had a baby and we were going away for 3 months! It is pretty overwhelming.


I'm lucky enough to have my mom down here, to help out with the baby, and travel with us to quite a few places. It would not be possible without her help, that is for sure. We are also lucky enough to have an owner as generous as Don, who is allowing for all of this to happen!


Practice started a couple days ago, and I was really excited to get back out there. Not only was I excited to start training again with a team, but it was just great being around teammates again, and having something in common again with people! Practices have been going well. We have been throwing bullpens, and finally through live to hitters today. We have also done a good chunk of defense, as well as a bit of conditioning added in there. I can't even explain how great it feels to be back. We keep practicing for the next week and a bit and then our season kicks off May 30!


I feel so thankful to be back, and I can't wait until we start games! Majority of our games will be live streamed at so please check them out and watch!!


Thanks again for everyone who takes the time to read these and check out my video blogs! I appreciate it!


Danielle Lawrie


Written by Annie-Rose Schindler — May 23, 2014

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