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Tips on being Recruited to a DI College

Today's Question For Danielle Lawrie come from Kyliegavitt via Instagram:

What is the best way to be recruited by D1 colleges ? How did you do it?


Hi Kylie, great question! Getting recruited by DI colleges is really tough. First things first, you have to practice/practice/practice. A lot of this hard work happens on your own time away from your team. Next thing is to play with a good travel ball team.

It's important that your with a team that is able to travel around to different high end tournaments where a lot of D1 coaches are going to be attending. It is also important to write all the schools your interested in, and let them know why your interested in their school. Also, let them know where your going to be playing in travel ball tournaments.

How you act on and off the ball field is extremely important. Coaches pay close attention to how you act when you struggle and how you treat your family, so remember that. Another thing that plays in to affect is social media. Be careful with what you post because some things can affect you for the long term.  


Hope this answers your question.


Our NPF season is underway, so I'm trying my best to keep you guys in the loop as best as I can. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this.


Danielle Lawrie

Written by Kirsten Shreve — June 03, 2014

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