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How Did Danielle Lawrie Get Recruited?

This week's question comes from @Baybay_2 Instagram:

 "What did you do to get recruited?"


Great question! It is never easy to try and put yourself out there for coaches.

First off, with me it helped that I started playing with the national team at 15 so that had put my foot in the door. Once I started playing more, I was approached by the USA coaches asking if I had sent anything out to schools yet. Since I hadn't, they told me I should send information to the schools I'm interested in, let them know what tournaments I would be playing in and that I was interested in their school.

They also said, "Remember, not everyone is going to want you."

That statement could not be more true. The only top schools I got recruited by were Nebraska, Alabama & Washington. I never heard back from anyone else. As hard as it was to swallow back then, now I look back and know that I was MEANT to go to Washington. Be patient. Email schools and let them know you're interested. Put videos up on YouTube so they can see you. Also, don't try and act different on the field in front of coaches. Do what you've always done. Respect the game, your opponents and your family.

Let your playing do the talking.


Thanks for checking in guys



Danielle Lawrie




Written by Kirsten Shreve — July 09, 2014

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