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November News!

What made our November so awesome? Signing over a dozen colleges to use the Axe bat exclusively. There are now 50 college teams who have committed to using the Axe in their 2013 seasons. The real home run? (pun intended) Two of the Axe exclusive teams are Division I programs: San Jose State University and University of Memphis. Let’s take a look at these renowned baseball programs.

San Jose State, a highly ranked Division I program with a strong history is making some changes for their 2013 season. Long-time head coach, Sam Piraro is retiring, and Dave Nakama is taking his place. And Nakama is excited to bring the Axe bat on board as the

only bat used for the next three seasons. Says Nakama of the Axe bat:

“The San Jose State baseball program has decided to exclusively swing the Baden Axe bats for the next three years. I believe in their product and our players were excited about the performance of the bats, as they used it all Fall. We are honored to be working with Baden; they are a first class company, and we are grateful for their support.“

University of Memphis is an all-star team, boasting talented, young athletes. With eight players in the program’s history to achieve All-American status, Jacob Wilson became the most recent, after his incredible 2012 season. Dan Langfield, after being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds at the end of his 2012 season, was recently named Minor League Pitcher of the Year.

To continue the Memphis Tigers baseball team’s success and capitalize on the inherent talent of these players, the program, led by head coach, Daron Schoenrock, has decided to use the Axe bat exclusively for the 2013 season. Schoenrock
couldn’t be more excited to make Memphis an Axe team:

“Our hitters are thrilled with the performance of the Axe Bat by Baden. Before we decided to become a Baden team, our guys pulled the Axe bat out of the bat rack on their own (when given a choice to swing anything) at a very substantial rate! The best evaluation results are found when players decide when given a choice! The Memphis Tigers proudly swing the Axe by Baden.“

With the addition of these two Division I teams to the list of colleges exclusively using the Axe, the following Division II and Division III programs will also be using the Axe exclusively in the 2013 season: 2012 DIII National Champions, Marietta College, Ashland University, Dubuque University, Earlham College, Friends

University, Lawrence University, McPherson College, Ohio Dominican University, Schreiner University, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, University of Wisconsin – Plattville, Urbana University, Cal Lutheran University, University of California – San Diego, University of Redlands, University of Puget Sound, and more to come!

It goes without saying that around Baden, we’re ecstatic. “We believe that the Axe handle brings something to the player that the traditional, round knob can’t,” says Michael Schindler, CEO of Baden Sports. “The Axe is the wave of the future in baseball and softball, and that’s an exciting thing to be part of.”

Written by Annie-Rose Schindler — November 30, 2012

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