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Nick Looney Leukemia Fundraiser



Six-year-old Nickolas Looney, a kindergartener in Auburn, WA, near Baden’s headquarters, was diagnosed with Leukemia in January. Nick, a baseball fanatic and classmate of a Baden employee’s daughter, hasn’t been able to attend school for months.

After finding out last week that the first round of treatment did not take, he is back at Children’s Hospital for much stronger chemotherapy. If this second round of treatment fails, he will need a bone marrow transplant.

Blake, Nick’s dad, is a single parent to him and his two brothers.

"It's just hard to soak in," said Blake, who was also laid off from his job just a month prior to learning of Nick’s diagnosis, right during the holidays. “It was hard to soak it in, and it's hard to think what you're supposed to do, besides just be happy and have fun with Nick and with the kids."

The Looney family is struggling to get by with the medical bills adding up, and Baden is hoping to help by running a week-long donation campaign to benefit Nick and his family.  15% of all orders from April 8th through 15th will be donated, and individual donations can also be purchased in varied amounts by CLICKING HERE.

 “Helping those who truly need help is one of the most gratifying things you can do in life,” said Baden CEO Michael J. Schindler.  “This is one of those opportunities.”

Written by Remi Young — April 08, 2013

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