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Healthy Eating

My Outlook on Healthy Eating

I thought I would write a short blog about healthy eating. Now-a-days, eating can make or break athletes. Honestly, it starts when you are a young child. You want to give your children the best opportunity for the future, and that means eating to live a long healthy life. An important rule to follow is to limit the amount of sugar. Try and find a way to get sugar from other things other then candy, candy bars, or sugar cereal. Fruit actually has a high amount of healthier sugars. Its important to get your kids into eating fruit at a young age and sometimes that can take over in the place of candy.


For me, when it comes to eating, I focus on everything in moderation. I use working out as my guide. The more I work out hard, the more I have to fuel my body in order to feel great in workouts. I also have to feed my body properly so that my body can utilize the food and help me become stronger. I have replaced my morning breakfast with a meal replacement shake packed with proteins, vitamins and everything you possibly need in the morning. I find having something like that allows me to feel fuller, longer. When it comes to my afternoon lunch, it depends on what I'm feeling. Sometimes I will have a sandwich other times I will have salad. For me, it just depends on my hunger. If I'm hungry, I eat. I just make sure I put healthy things in my body. In terms of moderation, it's ok to have ice cream, candy, and crap sometimes, as long as you only do it every once and a while. Have an 80/20 balance and things will be great. I also try and drink as much water as I can, and its usually around 75-80oz of water a day. It should be more, but sometimes I struggle with it. 


Eating to perform on the field.

This is where people can take things to the extreme. I find that if I eat big giant meals the night before, or just before competition it makes me feel like I'm down in the dumps. I find eating protein based meals allows for me to get the best out of my body. Remember, EVERYONE is completely different with how they go about things. These are just things that make me feel good with going into competition. If I do plan on eating carbs, I will have a sandwich or something small. If I eat my carbs, it is after performance when I've thrown a 7 innings game or when I have had a really tough workout. You need your carbs in order to fuel your body, just make sure they are smart ones! 


The food you put in your body, is the food your children put in theirs. Remember how important food and nutrition is. Now-a-days, children really can take a beating at school when it comes to their weight, that is why it is so important to give them the healthy life choices early on.

Remember, everything in moderation :) 


These are just some tips that I base my life on, it is nothing you must follow by any means!

Thank you to everyone that took the time to read this! I appreciate you guys! ;)

Being Back Home

I’m planning on doing a video blog once I get some free time to myself, but it sure has been a cluster since I got home! First off, what a cool way to end our 2014 NPF season! Such an amazing thing winning championships! It really humbles you and allows for you to realize how lucky you truly are. You’re getting the opportunity to compete with Olympians, gold medalists to boot, All Americans, and in all honesty the absolute best to take the field, gosh I was lucky!

Since I have been home, it has been a whirlwind! Unpacking 5 giant boxes, trying to get Miss Maddie on some sort of schedule, and also trying to give her a lot of attention. This little girl had around the clock service this summer. She was spoiled by my mother first off, but on top of that she had so many aunties within my teammates! I don’t think can give her as much attention as she has gotten over the course of the last 3 and a half months. I’m so thankful that she got that experience so little. I think being around so many people this past summer will really help her in the long run. My child could honestly be happy forever, so obviously this summer treated her good! She has more miles in her mini passport then some people do in their whole lives!

It has been interesting being back home. I thought I would have wanted to lay around and just relax since it was such a hectic summer, but is has been the opposite really. I have workouts scheduled every morning at a gym called Mama’s Moves. They watch your children while you do your workout classes which really allows you that time for yourself.

I have also been busy being down at the Cape for Labor Day weekend! Did I tell you how much Maddie LOVED the beach? It was her first time and she could have hung out there for hours. She loved every part of being free and being able to roam anywhere she wanted! I have also been busy meeting up with some friends and just getting that girl time again. This summer was for sure girl time, but there is a different kind of bond once you have a baby with other women that have children. It really is a whole new chapter in your life, and it is so great that a couple of my friends here in Boston have children as well. I’ve definitely been keeping busy being a wife and mother again. It was a long summer without my husband and Maddie’s dad around so it has been nice having him come home every night and spend time with Maddie girl!

I’m going to do a video blog next week on my whole reflection of this past season and my decisions for retirement. I tried it for this week, but I have been way too swamped to sit down even for 10 minutes and talk to a computer! SO you guys will have to wait until next week!


Thank you to you all that take the time out of your day to read these!

-Danielle Lawrie



Mental Game Prep


I thought I would write a short blog about my approach to how I get ready for pitching.

If I'm told I'm going to have a start in two days, I do a lot to get myself ready. I love being able to get a great sweat in the day before I'm going to throw. I will usually run foul poles. Basically I  jog/sprint the warning track and get my heart rate really high, then let it drop back down and repeat. I run 10 poles total (so there and back on a baseball field is one). If I'm doing it on a softball field I would do a total of 20 poles (just because it is so short). After I get a good run in, I will always finish with some type of ab workout and push up circuit.  The reason I love to get a good workout in a couple days before I pitch is more mental for me. Some people like to rest their legs before, but I like to really get my legs a lot of work in so I know there prepared to go to battle when I throw. 


Everyone prepares very differently for a game. I wouldn't recommend going and running right before your going to start a game, but do whatever you need to do to get mentally ready! That's where it all starts! Getting the mind right! 


Please feel free to post your questions that you would like me to answer in the upcoming blog weeks! Thanks again to everyone taking the time to read this!! 




Danielle Lawrie



Have a Great Friday and Get Active!

Working out is such a huge part to success, especially the older you get. It was a challenge for a couple months after I had Madison to figure out what I needed to do to get back into shape.

In college we always did tons of running and lifting, so I still incorporate a lot of that into my workouts. If I do any cardio it is either the elliptical for a little bit, or I will do some sprint work on a treadmill if I cannot get outside. There is a couple different workouts that I have absolutely loved that I recommend. First off I have done Insanity created by Shaun T (you can get that at or off of Amazon). Honestly, that was one of the hardest 3 months of my life doing that. It is circuit training and it lasts for about 45-60 minutes 6 days a week! If you want to get in shape and shed LBS quick - that is the workout for you! You definitely get mentally tested in it for sure.

The next series I have done (and loved) was also by Shaun T; it is called T25. It is a 5-day a week program that lasts 25 minutes a day! It incorporates strength, core, and circuit training. A very good workout for a mom on the go!

Lastly, I love just doing circuit training on my own! I found a really great workout on Fitnessblender on YouTube who does all different workouts, and I will do them when I have some free time! They fully explain the workout, and show you demos before you do it so you have a pretty good idea of what you are going to do! I recently found out about it and love it!

It is super important to stay active these days, even if it is getting out there for a walk, or putting yourself through a really tough workout! You feel amazing afterwards, and that is something that makes it all worth it!


Have a great Friday everyone and get active!



Danielle Lawrie


Drills to Help with Pitching Speed

I was asked on twitter recently about some drills to help improve speed.

Being able to throw hard comes from a lot of different things. First off, it comes from having great mechanics. The better your mechanics are and the more fluid you are, the better chance you will have to throw hard. Yes, being very tall and lanky helps, but that is not the number one thing you need. There are plenty of pitchers out there that are below 6’0 that can throw the ball very hard.

One drill that I would recommend is long toss – this is a great way to help build up your arm strength and generate a lot of power from your legs. Remember that your legs are the power source that help get your body started, so really use them when you do this drill. Also, you are trying to get the ball to go up as high as you can and as far as you can, so you need to make sure that your body angle is correct when doing this.

Something else I would recommend, are focused workouts on lunges, squats and core- these are all things you really need to understand how to utilize. So building leg strength, even just by body weight workouts, can benefit you. Also, really focus on your core, lots of ab exercises as well as running can help. The more fit you are as an athlete, the better chances your body will allow you to have out on the field.

Hard work pays off, so treat your body like a temple.

Hope this gives you some helpful little hints!


Danielle Lawrie

Axe Bat One-Hand Trainer

Train harder with our one-hand trainer. The Axe hand is ergonomically designed to fit your hand, meaning you can train longer with less fatique. Our team went out to the batting cage to show you how to properly use our one-hand trainer.

Check out the video!

Day in the life of a D1 Athlete

I thought it would be an interesting blog topic to let you all in on the life of a D1 athlete! It is not easy, that is for sure! I will say this, the one thing I really had to learn was planning. Your days are so packed that if you do not have stuff planned out, you can get yourself in trouble. It is an extreme grind, but it is worth every second!


6 AM weights – We wake up at 5:15 and head into weights. We are there at about 5:45. What I learned was that if you are on time, you are late. Weights last for about an hour and then we usually finished with light conditioning.

8:30 AM Class- Most of us have class that starts at 8:30. So we will go to our locker room, shower up and get ready for class. We have to make the trip up the hill, sometimes in sideways rain, up to class. Majority of us have class until around 12:30, sometimes 1:30, and then we have to make our way down to get ready for practice.

1:30 PM Treatment- I always had to get treatment on my body. Whether it was my arm, or just rehabbing, but I was always in there getting something done.

2:30 PM Practice – Everyone is usually dressed and ready for practice around 2:30, or a little after 2:30, to get ready for our 3:00 PM practice. Remember if you’re on time, you’re late. We warm up as a team, and our practice plan is up on the chalk board. Practice usually goes for about 2.5 - 3 hours.

6:00 PM Dinner- We have a facility where we all eat dinner as athletes. You do not have to do this if you are living off campus, but my freshman year I ate in here because it was so close and it was always convenient after practice.

7:30 PM Tutoring Session – As a freshman (and sometimes upperclassman) you have tutors that help you with your vigorous schedule. Tutoring sessions are usually scheduled for after dinner.

8:30 PM – We head back to the dorms, get ready to study and finish up our homework.

10:30-11:00 PM – This was always when I would head to bed, I needed to get enough sleep to be able to recharge for the next day.


Obviously every single day brings a little something different. Some days we would have condition instead of lifting in the morning and sometimes classes are different times. For the most part though, this was my life for the first 2 years. It is so incredibly tough to get used to, but at the end of the day you make the decision to be the absolute best teammate you can be. You realize how hard everyone around you works and this makes you want to work hard for everyone too. I loved every single minute of college and wish I could go back! Cherish the days you have when you are there because it goes by SO FAST!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Make sure you post any questions you might have for me on here or via Twitter @DanielleLawrie5



Danielle Lawrie

Team Canada

What a great question!

I had so many amazing memories with Team Canada that is it hard to pick just one, so I have two!

The first one is when we beat Team USA in 2005. I was going to be throwing that game, and Team Canada had never beaten Team USA before in history. I remember our Coach making it pretty clear that it wasn’t looking good for us to get a win against them. That is when it hit me: she was putting me out there to get beat, and made it obvious by how she was speaking about it. I remember getting so excited to take the mound against them because I felt like I was ready for this challenge. We ended up winning that game and I threw 7 innings! We won 2-1. It was honestly one of the best moments in my softball career. It was also just before I was going to the University of Washington. It was nice to be a part of the first team to beat USA, and the fact that I was able to pitch every pitch of that game made it even more special!

Another special moment playing with Team Canada was getting the chance to compete in the 2008 Olympic games. Since softball is out of the Olympics for right now, it made it even more special. We did not do as well as we wanted, but the memories I will have from that trip make it so worth it.

If you have any questions, make sure to post then on this blog or via twitter and I will try to answer as many as I can!

Danielle Lawrie


Don't Let Social Media Destroy You

As you all know, social media pretty much rules the world now. 


When it comes to things you want to know, you can find it all out via twitter within seconds, sometimes even faster than the news. They now post everyone’s Instagram, Twitter and Facebook info when talking in interviews on the news and in the papers. Who knew this stuff was going to get so big one day. 

Social media is a fun way to connect with people, reconnect with people, and keep tabs on your loved ones. However, it is also something that can do damage to you permanently. I’m so lucky that I did not have to deal with this while I was growing up on the softball field. I have realized now that is can be a huge distraction to young women. Why I’m writing this blog is to warn, not only young women, but also their parents in the importance of being cautious about what is going up online in your child’s life. Anyone and everyone can have access to those posts. It takes one person to post a bad picture of you, or you writing something bad about someone else, to ruin your career.

Be cautious of what you post. A college coach has the option to check all of those things, and at times that can be a huge factor in whether or not they recruit you to their school. If they see derogatory photos of you up on the internet, or pictures of you getting drunk with your friends, this will obviously raise concern with them. People need to realize how much a college coach invests in you when they give you a scholarship opportunity. Not only are they giving you an opportunity to get a first class education, you are joining a new family. Think about if you were to invite someone new into your family, what traits would you want from them? How would you want them to act off the softball field? What is important to them in their lives? These are things you need to think about. How you treat your family when you’re at the ball field is something that coaches watch and take pride in. If you disrespect them, or your teammates, what will you do when you come to their program? It would be an easy decision for me to say no to people like that. It’s unfortunate when you go to games, and see 9 & 10 year olds walking around with cell phones. I remember those days and those being some of the best days of my life just hanging out with my teammates at the ball field. I loved not having that distraction. I understand it is a different world we live in, but always be cautious about those things.

                I’m a big karma person. Respect the game, work hard, and the game will reward you back. It is how hard you work when your off the field, how you focus on your studies, how you respect and play for your teammates, and most importantly, how you love and respect your family! All of this sounds easy, but you can get caught up in some many things these days. Strive to be a little bit better every single day. That's what matters.. Yes, it is important to win games, but is it even more important to be a GREAT person. Remember that.



Thank you guys :)

Danielle Lawrie

Written by Kirsten Shreve — July 21, 2014

What's the Next Step?

Question asked via Twitter from @breed744

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for your question! There are so many different career paths that I have thought out! I wanted to Coach for a long time. I was thinking about becoming a DI pitching Coach and had told many people this was what I wanted to do. I started to realize after I had Madison that Coaching would take a lot of time away from my family, and especially her. She is my main focus right now and when we decide to have more children they will all be our main focus. If I were to be a Coach, the travel schedule, as well as long hours, would take too much time away from my babes.

After talking things out with my brother, we both decided on opening up a baseball/softball facility in the Seattle area. The possibilities with something like this are endless. Not only can I coach kids from youth to college, but I can make my own schedule and bring my kiddos with me some days if I need to. I have always wanted to give back to this game, and there is no better place in the world than Seattle! I can be around my Huskies, the Mariners, and my family! I can’t wait to take that next step in my life. I want to help young women get better every single day and do everything in my power to help them reach their dreams within the game!

Maybe coaching my daughters softball team is in the mix one day, but only time will tell!!

I may be too hard on her :)


Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this!! I appreciate you guys!


Danielle Lawrie