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Avenge USSSA Slowpitch Bat

Avenge USSSA Slowpitch Bat

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      • Patented AXE handle
      • 2-piece composite, LONGBarrel design
      • Plus Plus™ Reinforced Composite Barrel
      • Evenly balanced for maximum bat speed
      • Approved for play in: USSSA, NSA, ISA


Axe Handle

Introduced in 2012, the Axe handle is hailed as a breakthrough by players and coaches from youth leagues to the pros. Designed based on the shape of an ax handle, the patented Axe handle gives you an ergonomic fit that delivers better performance and comfort. Every part of the shape was analyzed and tested by our development team, resulting in an Axe handle that gives you the best fit, while providing better swing leverage, control, and freedom through release than the traditional round knob.





Plus-Plus™ Composite

Baden developed Plus-Plus Composite Technology specifically for the Axe Avenge line of composite fastpitch and slowpitch bats. Using the lightest, more durable carbon fiber on the market, we've reinforced the hitting side to meet our durability standards for one-sided hitting. Plus-Plus makes it possible for hitters to have composite barrel performance with the Axe handle. The Axe Avenge line delivers optimum balance, super-fast swing speeds, and above all, barrel performance that surpasses the competition. 




Engineered Hitting Zone

The Axe handle delivers benefits beyond the grip – it allows our engineers to hone in on the hitting side of the bat. Axe bats are unique in that they have an engineered hitting zone, where we optimize everything – balance, sweet spot, barrel performance, and durability – for your contact point. 



Available Sizes

  • L154-34-26:  34 in.   26 oz.
  • L154-34-27:  34 in.   27 oz.
  • L154-34-28:  34 in.   28 oz

“If you want to crush it, you need leverage, bat speed, and barrel performance. The Axe delivers. I’ve never swung a better bat.” ~ Brandon MurraySuper Major Slow Pitch Softball Star, 6-time All World, Member of the Long Haul Bombers Tour

"The Axe bat is a game changer. The handle allows your hands to explode through the zone, keeping the bat on plane through the ball. The barrel has great feel and a gigantic sweet spot. If you want to take your game to the next level, the Axe is your chance.” ~ Jonathan ScottMajor Slow Pitch Softball Star of the Headhunters, 2011 Home Run Champion of the Smokey Mountain Classic

Official bat of the highly-ranked Headhunters/Baden team

Ranked in Top 5 2012/2013 Slowpitch Bats on Here's what they have to say:

"The Axe Avenge by Baden. Probably the Coolest Bat of the Bunch. The handle feels great in your hand and gives you tons of control. It is speced as an end load but and the bat is more balanced and swings light. We would suggest going up in size. The Axe has great pop on solid hits and is perfect bat for players looking to maximize their hitting power and Bat control. The ball just simply explodes of the Barrel. Baden has Produced a High quality bat!. The 2012 Baden Axe Avenge is one of the most sought after bats on the Market. It is Definitely worthy of adding to anyone's Bat collection. Hot right out of the wrapper!!"