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2012 Element Adult Baseball Bat -3 (BBCOR)

2012 Element Adult Baseball Bat -3 (BBCOR)

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  • Patented AXE handle
  • LP™ Scandium alloy, 2 5/8” diameter
  • LONGBarrel design, ultra-stiff handle
  • Optimized balance, maximum bat speed, massive sweet spot
  • BBCOR approved
  • 1 year warranty


Axe Handle

Introduced in 2012, the Axe handle is hailed as a breakthrough by players and coaches from youth leagues to the pros. Designed based on the shape of an ax handle, the patented Axe handle gives you an ergonomic fit that delivers better performance and comfort. Every part of the shape was analyzed and tested by our development team, resulting in an Axe handle that gives you the best fit, while providing better swing leverage, control, and freedom through release than the traditional round knob.




LP Scandium Alloy

LP™ Scandium Alloy was created from a combination of elements to deliver performance and durability under one-sided hitting conditions. In addition to resisting dents and cracks, LP™ Scandium alloy provides explosive pop and a large sweet spot for best-in-class performance.




Engineered Hitting Zone

The Axe handle delivers benefits beyond the grip – it allows our engineers to hone in on the hitting side of the bat. Axe bats are unique in that they have an engineered hitting zone, where we optimize everything – balance, sweet spot, barrel performance, and durability – for your contact point. 



Available Sizes

  • L137-32-23: 32 in. 23 oz.
  • L137-31-22: 31 in. 22 oz.
  • L137-30-21: 30 in. 21 oz.
  • L137-29-20: 29 in. 20 oz.
  • L137-28-19: 28 in. 19 oz.

“As a former player, the thing I like about the Axe is the way your hands fit when you grab it. It feels like your hands are more free to swing through the ball.” John Kruk Pro Baseball Legend, 3-time All-Star, current baseball analyst for ESPN

“Our hitters feel the Axe has more barrel control, creates a more direct path through the hitting zone, and the power performance matches or exceeds any bat on the market. I feel it is only a matter of time before the Axe will become prevalent in the high school, college, and professional game.” Daron Schoenrock Head Coach, University of Memphis, Division I

“The axe handle reinforces the basics that we strive to teach our hitters concerning their grip and their bat path through the hitting zone.” Ben Shipp Head Coach, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

“I bought my son an Axe Elite - 9 Senior League bat this past weekend. First at bat with the Axe Elite - a 210' Home Run. He's only 11... We're sold on your product.” Kirk P. Customer

“We were introduced to your bat in Omaha during the Triple Crown Slump Buster tournament June 2013. My son immediately fell in love with the feel of this bat, the axe handle, position of his hands through his swing ,etc. With your bat on this particular day he had back to back home runs, was intentionally walked then a line drive triple, he will swing nothing else. Thanks AXE bats, you have been a game changer for him.” Gary G. Customer